When people look more deeply into the facts of finding the best places for retirees to live and retire in the Liberty, Missouri, area, many conclude that a central location is one of the basic building blocks of independence. Not tied to the life of a beach or a boat dock, a golf course or tennis complex, a mountain retreat or to a particular city’s culture – they prefer to hold onto their power to access “all of the above.”

Looking a Little Deeper

Sometimes our approach to creating one of Liberty, Missouri’s, best places for retirees to live and retire is described as Florida-style, or Arizona-style. This kind of description stems from some of the senior developments where the concept of building the best places for retirees to live and retire originated. And yet, describing our own approach that way is a little bit like describing your new car as being Model T-style, just because it has an internal combustion engine.

A great deal has been learned since the days when the ideas for building the best places for retirees to live and retire were pioneered, and in our community, those learnings have been put into action. The idea of healthy, happy seniors, enjoying life to the full is amply illustrated in the advertising for those early-concept communities. Just think, though. Who is paying for those gorgeous photos and that lavish advertising? It has to be coming from the money paid by residents.

Deciding What is Too Much

One of those early attempts at developing the best places for retirees to live and retire boasts of having more than 200 clubs for residents. The folks we know are not looking for nearly that many options, so why pay the freight for managing them? The folks we know are seeking simpler lives, with plenty to do that fits their interests and passions. Yet, they don’t feel that the best places for retirees to live and retire must provide every activity, although at Westwood Manor in Liberty, Missouri, we offer plenty of things to do.

A calmer, more reasonable way is to take your choice from a handful of basic enjoyments. Pancake breakfasts and potluck dinners. A community center and barbecue grills. Parks and nature trails. Maybe a bingo night among friends, or a big-screen TV where you can gather for the big game, with like-minded fans.

Beyond that, a sensible approach to best places for retirees to live and retire leaves its residents with the time – and the funds – to indulge the interests that they themselves want to invest with their time and money.

An Original Answer to Home

In addition to deciding how much to invest in organized activities, a sensible approach to the best places for retirees to live and retire is based on maximizing the advantages, utility, reliability, and comfort offered by manufactured homes, such as the ones available for sale at Westwood Manor in Liberty, Missouri. Yes, you heard us right. It is surprising to some, when they discover that their 11-foot, vaulted ceiling, with a skylight; their open-plan layout; island kitchen; up-to-date, high-efficiency appliances; oak cabinets; walk-in closet; 6-foot soaking tub; glass French doors; and thermal pane windows all came courtesy of the breakthroughs in manufactured housing. These homes have all the features and amenities of single-family homes.

For the fortunate folks who look beyond their first impressions of manufacture homes, the advantages begin to add up. Let’s look behind the homes themselves. Even in those flashy senior communities, the homes are hardly built from scratch. In fact, the second generation of houses offered by the most famous of the senior community systems is based on limiting not only the number of actual designs, but even the number of trusses required to hold up their roofs. They used their experience to improve their margins rather than the lifestyles of their residents.

Just as folks want to be finished with lawn care and snow removal in their retirement, so too, it is time to seek a more carefree way to own a home. Manufactured homes offer an answer that goes straight to the solutions that make owning a home a pleasure rather than a chore.

The Key Factor of Affordability

The first, best thing to understand about making your choice among the best places for retirees to live and retire is this. If it isn’t affordable, then it isn’t independent. Imagine having little left with which to enjoy life every month, after housing costs and basic expenses are accounted for. Doesn’t sound like much fun, and even more, how can you feel really independent if one foot is glued to the ground by a lack of cushion in your funds for enjoyment?

This realization is where the facts begin. An affordable place to live and retire has to be affordable first, in order for you to feel independent. We have some original and satisfying answers for those who seek the facts about the best places for retirees to live and retire in Liberty, Missouri.

The best way to find out is to talk with someone who knows firsthand. Have a look through our website or give us a call at 816-781-8696. We’re confident that you’ll find our staff courteous and knowledgeable. And ask to speak with a resident or two. They’re the ones who’ve found this sensible blend of luxury and independence, and many are happy to spread the word.

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