Of the many factors folks consider when they make their choice of the over 55 homes for sale, we find that location, access, and flexibility play the fundamental roles in whether the choice is wise. People discover sooner or later that when these factors fit, they make everything else possible.

The right home for the over-55 chapters of a person’s life should be in easy reach of what is important – our family and friends, our interests and activities, and the stuff that we use to run our day-to-day lives. At Westwood Manor, our privileged position near the junction of a great east-west interstate highway and a great north-south interstate – near enough to be easy, and far enough to be peaceful – is the beginning of getting these foundational factors right.

It Comes with a Crossroads

The spirit people find among the over 55 homes for sale in Westwood Manor is a spirit that supports their own, and we come by that spirit directly. You see, the nearest north-south highway, I-35, is one that mirrors parts of the legendary Chisolm Trail from cattle-drive days, and the thrust of the Jefferson Highway that linked New Orleans with Winnipeg in the early 20th century. Not far away, Interstate 70 made short work of the trip from Missouri to Colorado and beyond, adopting parts of the Oregon Trail west of Wichita. The over 55 homes for sale here inherit all the riches of story and spirit that the great crossroads of history bring.

All through history we find that crossroads are where people encountered news and new ideas, where they shared their ways and their insights, where stories were told, and dreams were born. Legends take shape, too, at history’s crossroads, and one of them, the legend of Jesse James, got its start right here in Liberty, Missouri, where the first daytime bank robbery took place in 1866.

A more productive, if perhaps less legendary story, is that of William Jewell College, founded here in 1849. William Jewell attracts the speakers and exhibits the programs that come with a college town, and it launches its students to the highest reaches of achievement in their fields. An Oxbridge Honors program at William Jewell sends high achievers off to a year at Oxford University in England. So, in addition to being located near the corner of I-35 and I-70, these particular over 55 homes for sale are far from isolated culturally.

Fit for the Future

In these days when supply chains are being questioned and the availability of goods and services seem not to be taken for granted, it is reassuring to know that our central, crossroads location gives these over 55 homes for sale some unshakable advantages. The nature of our homes themselves brings advantages, too.

Our homes offer just what folks want without the things they don’t want. Some of the features might be surprising. Who expects to find a six-foot soaking tub in a manufactured home? Or island kitchens, or solid oak cabinets, or walk-on closets? You can find them right here, in Liberty, Missouri, in a senior village that’s known affectionately as one of America’s best collections of over 55 homes for sale.

Convenience and Comfort

Here we prefer to say so-long to responsibilities such as lawn care and snow removal. This kind of retirement community is referred to as Arizona-style, or Florida-style, because that’s where the care-free approach was pioneered and proven. And yet here, where the real pioneers made their way long ago, is where that style of over 55 homes for sale gets perfected.

Part of that perfection comes from not over-doing it. One of the most famous chains of over 55 homes for sale boasts of having more than 200 clubs for members, and the facilities behind those clubs – theatres, golf courses, tennis courts – are baked into the expenses of living there. At Westwood Manor, we prefer to let the neighbors set their own pace for how they spend their time, and we find that the neighborly pancake breakfasts or evening cookouts or baseball and football excursions or golf outings take place in just the style that residents prefer.

The Spirit of the West

The native Americans who came before us here recognized that each of the four directions has its own personality, its own spirit. Our European ancestors, too, as far back as Greek mythology, held that the west was the direction of progress and age and wisdom – the very path of the sun. Our own American history is a saga that moves east to west with the ambition and adventure that we came to call our own.

It is not surprising, then, that the premier over 55 homes for sale are located near Interstate 70. Perhaps no other highway embodies the spirit of westward American expansion better. Our premier over 55 homes for sale are set up and managed every day with awareness of that spirit. It is constantly nourished and renewed, not only by the people who built and take care of our community, but also by the people who make their home here, who take advantage of our ideal blend of affordability, activities, amenities, and pride of ownership.

The wide-ranging spirit of our residents is often what attracts folks. The advantages add up to freedom. Living in a manufactured home with vaulted ceilings and open floor plans, located in this police-patrolled community that was made for persons 50+ who have a lot of living to do, these advantages make sense to folks who’ve figured out what they want, and how they want to spend their time. The finest over 55 homes for sale offer just such an answer.

Get the Story Firsthand

The best way to find out more about the over 55 homes for sale at Westwood Manor is to talk with someone who knows. Have a look through our website or give us a call at 816-781-8696. We’re confident that you’ll find our staff courteous and knowledgeable. And ask to speak with a resident or two. They’re the ones who know the best over 55 homes for sale the way no one else can. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and they are more than happy to share it.