The best over 55 retirement community in the world does not depend on the location, cost, local economy, nearby pastimes and attractions, quality and features of the homes, views or landscapes, or the sunrises and sunsets. The best over 55 retirement community in the world is the one that suits you.

Now, the first step is not necessarily as easy as it might sound. That is, how do you see what you want from your over 55 retirement community? Fact is, the same qualities that enabled us to arrive in life at the point from which we can face this decision – in other words, the focus and work-ethic and family devotion and willingness to sacrifice near-term pleasure for long-term gain – those qualities often leave us unpracticed in answering the simple question, “What do I want?”

Begin With an Inventory

For many, it is helpful to think of answering this question in a process of inventory. This view makes it feel immediately less selfish, more realistic, and more disciplined or businesslike. The over 55 retirement community that’s right for you takes shape at the end of an orderly train of thought.

Here are a few questions we might want to reflect on, to get a clear picture of the over 55 retirement community that’s right for you. We’ll start with our immediate home surroundings and move from there to the horizon

Questions to Consider

Where would you like to wake up? Would an 11-foot vaulted ceiling with three-inch crown moldings look good overhead? The surroundings of a well-appointed master bedroom suite would put what you want right at your fingertips, as you dress from a walk-in closet. How about coffee from the solid oak cabinets of an island kitchen?

As you plan the day in your best version of an over 55 retirement community, you might want to skip lawn maintenance or snow removal, knowing that is all taken care of. And under a 25-year shingle roof with engineered trusses, behind thermal-pane windows, and within 20-year siding backed with an insulation package you can usually skip the “honey-do” list. Being handy is just for recreation at your best over 55 retirement community.

Things to Do

Morning to night, from pancake breakfasts to pot-luck dinners and bingo night, exercise classes, volunteer clubs, and excursions to top sporting events, museums, and art galleries, wouldn’t it be good to have your choice of where to put your attention and energy – from among a wide, colorful, and top-notch collection of options?

And wouldn’t it be equally good be able to say Nope. Not today. At you own ideal 55 plus retirement community, it seems only natural that on any day, the choice would be entirely up to you.

In Easy Reach

What if family and loved ones, favorite places, occasions, celebrations, and recreation spots were all in easy reach? That might well put your ideal over 55 retirement community near the crossroads of two mighty interstate highways, such as I-35 running north-south and I-70 rocketing the drive east and west. If this crossroads could be less than an hour from a great international airport, and yet secluded from traffic, that too might be a bonus, just a few times a year.

Doesn’t Have to Be Either/Or

When you get to the question, “city or suburb?” what if you could just answer, “Yes!” What if the answer didn’t have to be either/or? Imagine if you will a natural environment of tree-framed vistas and shaded walking paths, a place where gentle birds’ songs are an everyday serenade and not just a memory. Where sunset brings a show of color and majesty that folks frankly struggle to even describe to their friends.

Now what if your own best over 55 retirement community was just a stone’s throw from a small college town and in easy, routine reach of what’s been called one of America’s most livable cities? What if that city was distinguished for architectural gems, a big-city arts scene with small-town manners, and beloved sports teams made of people who live up to their hero status? What if the nearby city was a place people are proud to love?

Where the Answers Lead

If your questions lead you to a picture like this, then he best way to find out more is to talk with someone who knows, at Westwood Manor. Give us a call at 816.781.8696. We’re confident that you’ll find our staff courteous and knowledgeable. And ask to speak with a resident or two. Their enthusiasm is catching, and they are more than happy to share it.