The process of making the choice of retirement living communities in Liberty, Missouri, that is right for you might seem unfamiliar, possibly even a little intimidating. Yet, when you think of it, getting our arms around the vision of the next chapter of our lives is something we have done on more than one occasion. Selecting from among the retirement living communities available today is a lot like that, and not as much like unexplored territory as it might seem.

Picture This

Just about every step forward that we take in life involves seeing ourselves in the life we want to step into. That first job. The first apartment or home of our own. The home we might make as a married couple. Maybe a new town or city called us to a new chapter in life or career. Always those changes came with an image, a picture of where we’d be, how we’d feel, what we’d be doing, growing, wearing, driving, enjoying, and aiming to accomplish.

It’s no different this time, as you consider retirement living communities in or around Liberty, Missouri. Well, maybe there is one difference. This time you probably have an even freer hand to envision that future.

Personal Priorities

This time, more of the choices are yours. How do you want to be spending your time, most of the time? What – and who – would you like to be near? Are there places or activities or experiences that you might like to put within easier reach, to include more often in your day, your week, your month?

Another side of that coin is to think about what you would like to do less of. It’s not unusual for a person who’s considering retirement living communities to decide that less time spent in home maintenance is part of their vision. Maybe less time with yard work, too.

A third possibility that folks consider is that whole basket of things they might never have had time for, until now, and would like to give a try. Is there a hobby you set aside during those busy workplace and family years? An ambition you wish you had more time to pursue? A talent you suspected might grow if you gave it a chance?

Do something more; do something less; try something new for size – these are just some of the possibilities people discover, as they set out to select from the variety of retirement living communities available today.

Room for Wide Horizons

On 25 park-like acres, in the middle of this great nation of ours, Westwood Manor offers a chance to bring your vision of a retirement living community to life, even if what you foresee is as broad and colorful as the sunsets we treasure here, near Liberty, Missouri. Embraced by a forest, bounded by a creek, and in easy reach of a lake – if you call 7,200 acres of open water a lake. Any style or flavor of nature that you most enjoy is right here at your doorstep, and each season brings with it a fresh paintbrush for drawing your own version of happiness.

It’s also in the nature of folks to gather around their interests, and here you can decide for yourself how much, how often, and how many. We’re a stone’s throw from the cultural treasures of Kansas City, one of America’s great art towns, with a theatre and museum and gallery scene that many larger cities openly envy.

And if the retirement living community chapter of your life brings with it the warmth and wealth of friends and family, then being near the Interstate Highway crossroads of I-35 and I-70 – and just 20 miles from Kansas City International Airport helps put them in easy reach. Puts you in easy reach for them, too.

The Comfort of Security and Simplicity

Security is a high priority for most folks as they consider retirement living communities. Westwood Manor is set up with privacy and security in mind. We are police-patrolled, and on-site management means that any kind of help you might want to call upon is close at hand.

The simple pleasures of a Liberty, Missouri, easy-to-care-for home come with this version of retirement living communities. Thermal pane windows, 20-year vinyl siding, and a 25-year roof supported by an engineered roof truss are just a few of the reasons that the homes here at Westwood Manor are made to be enjoyed, without calling constant attention to maintenance.

And luxury is not overlooked in pursuit of this simplicity. In fact, they go hand-in-hand. With 11-foot ceilings, vaulting over open floor plans, with walk-in closets, island kitchens, and luxury bathrooms featuring six-foot soaking tubs, you can be sure of the luxury here that you have come to deserve, when you envision your own selection among the best Liberty, Missouri, retirement living communities.

Ask to speak with a resident or two. They’ve chosen this carefree kind of independence, and many are happy to spread the word. Have a look through our website or give us a call at 816.781.8696. At Westwood Manor, we’re confident that you’ll find our staff courteous and knowledgeable.